17 DEC. an 18 DEC. Runkehl Steiner Vernissage Hochburg (Christmas Exhibition) Atelier-Galerie Arthur Runkehln

17 DEC. – 18 DEC.  12.00 – 17.00 hour

Runkehl Steiner Vernissage Hochburg (Christmas Exhibition) Atelier-Galerie Arthur Runkehl

Hauwert 106, 1691 EK Hauwert, Nederland Stand10



So still at home and the first problem is already here, its freezing! 😨

The plan was to pack the 🚗 at Thursday evening, but that plan must change because it’s no option that the glass of my paintings will get frozen, and they need to get in the car till Saturday morning.

So, my husband wil do it Friday morning, we go to work, and we will get it out of the car an into our office an then I will phone the owner off the gallery if we can bring it already on Friday night……if not we will have to surch for a carpark inside somewhere near the hotel or set everything in our hotelroom🙄

On our way to our hotel in Hoorn (Netherlands) where we will go for a bit of quality time.

We need it because in all honesty things between both me and my husband was ridiculously hard the last few months, don’t want to much be saying about this we are working hard to get our relationship to the level we had the last 19 years before this. I very much hope things will work out between us.

We have arrived and are warmly welcomed by Arthur Runkehl, a very striking personality with ditto mustache😜 he talks a lot but give us advice to make everything as customer friendly as we can. We have a tough time to get away because we also must drink coffee, but we want to our hotel to check in.


  van der Valk hotel Hoorn

An o wow what a stunning hotel this is, an already totally in Christmas decoration🎄
We have a great room with bath and rain shower.

Afterwards we took something to drink an eat and lounged together in the bar. After a good night sleep, we are going for a breakfast an o boy so much choise! An then only eat one sandwich…….🙄


Day 1

After breakfast on our way to Hauwert where we will display everything as best, we can.



An then its waiting for the busloads of people that were promised to us, between 300 and 600 people. Also promised to us was marketing, on the website, on every social medium also on forty-five art sites, I couldn’t find it an on their FB they have only five followers so😣 OfCourse I didn’t check this before.

I brought an electric heater and thermal underwear on advice of my husband, an I am so thank full💗
Because even though it’s inside it’s bitterly cold.
After 2 hours I am already one illusion poorer😥 the people promised are not coming, it’s freezing an there is WK football⚽

But together among colleagues there is a lot of laughter😂, and we try to keep our spirits up. A half hour before time we stop for the day, better luck Tomorow!

Back to our hotel where we enjoy a 3-meal course and spending some quality time together.

Day 2

Full of courage we go back to Hauwert to see if those busloads will arrive today. An yes there are some customers but it’s just a handful an at 2 o’clock we give up, the forecast is black ice, and we want to be at home before that. 5 min before we are leaving, a dear collogue bought my RosaFlamingo!

I am happy🥰


Conclusion – Will we do this again?

NO not here where there are promises have been made that have not been kept. It was also just €50,00 for 2 days so maybe expectations were too high.

BUT all the other artists made my weekend, we have laughed, supporting each other, and learned from each other and that is priceless✨

Below the experience of some collogues who were also there👇

Let me know your experiences of exhibitions you have done.


Weekend Exhibition Hauwert by Rob and Mira

After Mira encountered Arthur’s exhibition space in Hauwert, she asked me if it was
an idea to participate in the “Christmas expo” in Hauwert.
At first, I had to switch gears where is Hauwert for heaven’s sake, so it sounded a bit far away?
It turned out to be near Hoorn and at least fifteen artists came.
There were only two places left so speed was of the essence.
The whole of North Holland and beyond came this weekend to buy Christmas art and the expectation was between
four and five hundred visitors.
Well, that promised something, so I took the plunge and filled in the registration forms, paid the participants’
committee and loaded the car.

The website gave a bit of a gaudy impression of the whole thing, but why not.
Collection selected and packed and in good spirits to Hauwert.
Upon arrival, a bit of searching for the entrance and several artists had already been installed,
afterwards it turned out that they had arrived a day earlier.
We met Arthur and Ria (coffee/tea and cake specialist) and started setting up our expo on the first floor.

Of course, we also got to know the other exhibitors on the first floor.
Linda with a colorful collection of silk/felt scarves, hats, and other items
colorful work.
Esther with a wonderful collection of animal images and zoomed-in details. At first,
I thought it was a photo collection, but they turned out to be true-to-life pastel drawings. Wonderfully beautiful.

In the corner a small spot of various Christmas related art made by the local leek group Hoorn.
A department that cares for people with a disability who offered a beautiful chorus of angels, candles, cards
and other Christmas-related handmade items.

At the end Auckje with a diverse collection of graffiti-like canvases, very colorful and dazzling,
but also, a series of black and white. Plenty in the sun under the dormer window but beautiful in the light.
The corner was for our contributions with a varying range of paintings including birds.
At the end of the stairs, Yvonne stood with a collection of birds made entirely of pieces of fleece and other
materials. Nicely made and remarkably interesting.

The expo was for both days from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM, so a quick coffee after setting up and everyone was ready for it.
But for what? Fortunately, the exhibitor’s upstairs was warm, Esther had even brought a small electric heater,
which was very welcome. And yes, after an hour and a half some people came up.
Yippee customers everyone thought but unfortunately. It was the exhibitors from downstairs who came to warm up as
it was an icy place downstairs for four exhibitors without heating. With a clockwork regularity
downstairs but scoring some hot tea or coffee to fill the time had become standard practice at some point.

You get to know each other well without many other activities such as selling something. Arthur himself also
came to see if everything was going well and agreed that this time it was incredibly quiet but that the day
was not over yet so it could still happen. Sounded a bit like the state lottery, but we didn’t believe in it anymore.
It strengthened the “solidarity” and if we all bought something from each other now, we would all have sold something.
Hahaha it kept the mood going.

At the end of the day everyone went home or accommodation elsewhere and it was, have a great evening will see you

Sunday day two…. Perhaps more visitors today than some friends or acquaintances who showed their nose yesterday.
After a few hours, some customers came by, the large part of which was more of the caliber beautiful,
beautiful, very well done and looking, not buying. Of course, we’ve had all this at hand before, but a little
turnover, even if it’s just a card, gives the citizen a little courage. Fortunately for some, something is sold
here and there, but we do not reach the 4 to 5 hundred visitors by a long shot. There are at most 50 people in 2 days,
so, a bit exaggerated. The wonderful thing about Sunday is that it will eventually be 5 o’clock and you can go home.
Due to expected black ice, everyone decides to go a lot earlier. The final for the World Cup also starts at 4 o’clock,
so, no more customers are expected after two o’clock.
A cozy group photo, lots of information and a range of tips and advice make the weekend a successful event.
An excuse for everyone that a hobby can cost quite a bit, but the occasional Cherrie on top of the cake is also welcome.

After a hand from Arthur and a small thank you on our departure, I know where the cherries are…. 🙂

Rob and Mira


Weekend Exhibition Hauwert by Linda

Experienced a pleasant weekend with 9 artists at this gallery. Expectations were initially high because we
were promised between 400 and 600 visitors. So, we were all ready with a lot of change in cash.
Unfortunately…. despite all expectations, the number of visitors fell a bit,
the temperature also dropped (downstairs), but the artists got to know each other better and managed to keep each
other going. A kind of together we are strong! And we enjoyed each other’s art! Better luck next time!




Weekend Exhibition Hauwert by Betteke

No one to see but cosy with each other haha. The intention was that a lot of people would come to
Runkehlsteiner Vernissage, but unfortunately either the weather or the many Christmas markets or just not interesting
enough, no customers.
What you do get is that you then have enough time to look at other people’s work and, above all, to discuss it.
Not much money but fun!!!

Betteke Ratten-O’Belt


Weekend Exhibition Hauwert by Gerard

Ten artists at each other in an atmospheric setting in Hauwert.
What a wonderful collection of remarkably diverse art forms. I was also allowed to exhibit there with thirty works,
divided into four categories, including ten art portraits.
These are photo formats of portrait photos with elements of flowers, starry skies, etc. added with a special blending
These portraits are commissioned based on mood boards in consultation with the customer.
Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors (winter weather, World Cup finals, etc.) there were few visitors,
but the interaction between the artists was even more intense, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Gerard Hoekstein


Weekend Exhibition Hauwert by Sander

I come from Veenendaal and heard through a friend that Arthur was looking for exhibitors. I responded right away.
It’s a long drive, but that’s what I’m willing to do. This is my first exhibition outside Veenendaal.
I have many works hanging in my studio at home, I have selected several of them, especially the abstract works,
seventeen pieces.
Unfortunately, the number of visitors was a bit disappointing. But it was a lot of fun with the fellow exhibitors.
Everyone talked and everyone was interested in each other’s work. Furthermore, it was very, very cold!

Sander Veen



Weekend Exhibition Hauwert by Liene

Hi, I’m Liene, born in 1962, as a scorpion. A constellation that always evokes some emotions and that is exactly
what I like to achieve with my art. Idyllic scenes vibrate with the underlying emotions.
My works are not so “non-committal, you have to think about it.

Liene vandevoorde


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