Mandalas are beautiful circular figures with symmetrical elements. The word mandala comes from Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language) and literally means: ‘magic circle’, or ‘magic wheel’.
According to ancient Eastern wisdom, they serve as inspiration and inner enrichment. They make you aware of the infinity of existence and the connection with everything around you. The Mandala is an ancient symbol that has no beginning and no end. The beautiful drawings and patterns are an important element in performing traditions, meditations and rituals in Buddhism and Hinduism, among others.

–  Creativity is a continual suprise –

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Esther started drawing mandalas, with an astonishing result. This aroused my curiosity and I started following her developments. I soon got the idea to ask her for a mandala painting  for my birthday. She responded enthusiastically and, as I know her, went straight to work.

It was a challenge, especially because it was a large object. I wanted to see the color purple woven into it, the color of spirituality. Together we selected a number of purple colors, and a gold color (because I like that very much) and black as a finishing touch. She made me a masterpiece!

I was very surprised that she had interwoven personal texts for me, such as ‘good heart’, ‘for ever friends’, ‘love you’ and ‘bestie.’ The painting was even in a beautiful gold-colored frame. She had the glass cut to size especially by the painter.

Now the mandala painting  with frame is displayed on the wall in our living room.


Maja, Bergen op Zoom

 A mandala is…an integrated structure organized around a unifying center 

I get my inspiration everywhere around me.
When you look at nature, you see all sizes of round shapes .

I have many Mandalas with a variety of centered geometric patterns. I love this unique form of art and it never gets boring.

Drawing a Mandala is not only soothing, it is a creative process in which the subconscious mind is addressed. For me it is a meditation that helps me clear my head.

 – A mandala is a limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life –

Moonlight Mandala fluor colors

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