“Bee-eater on a branch” 50x35cm Pastel painting


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The bright colors of this cute Bee-Eater on a branch will be a great painting for every bird lover!

The bee-eaters are a group of non-passerine birds in the family Meropidae, containing three genera and thirty species. Most species are found in Africa and Asia, with a few in southern Europe, Australia, and New Guinea. They are characterised by richly colored plumage, slender bodies, and usually elongated central tail feathers. All have long down-turned bills and medium to long wings, which may be pointed or round. Male and female plumages are usually similar.

As their name suggests, bee-eaters eat flying insects, especially bees and wasps, which are caught on the wing from an open perch. The insect’s stinger is removed by repeatedly hitting and rubbing the insect on a hard surface. During this process, pressure is applied to the insect’s body, thereby discharging most of the venom.

Most bee-eaters are gregarious. They form colonies, nesting in burrows tunneled into vertical sandy banks, often at the side of a river or in flat ground. As they mostly live in colonies, large numbers of nest holes may be seen together. The eggs are white, with typically five to the clutch. Most species are monogamous, and both parents care for their young, sometimes with assistance from related birds in the colony.


Pastelmat light Grey 50×35 cm
Assorted brands pastel pencils
Ref Photo: the Silverlady (Margreet de Raad)
  • Handmadewithlove
  • Original Artwork
  • Original signature and certificate of authenticity
  • Fits in every interior
  • Great to give as a present
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Not framed

Bee-eater on a branch©2021 Arty By Esther

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