Sammie Cat pastelpainting welcome to my website

I create fine art custom pastel drawings of a wide range of animals and wildlife in a variety of styles and sizes.

Boris 25x35cm SOLD

Boris pastelpainting Boxer dog

Why create art which resembles a photo so closely?

Answer – you add so much more depth, colour, perfect editing, and add an additional feeling that the photo doesn’t have.

Each custom is special and  painted with love. As a lifelong cat and dog owner, I know just how imported your pet is! Whether this is a memorial pet painting or your pet is still with you, I pay meticulous attention to detail in order to achieve realistic pet paintings. Each drawing will be unique and created with the finest professional materials.


You and your pet deserve nothing but the best quality workmanship!

I work with the best quality materials

Bao 50X35cm FOR SALE

 – Feel the Art –

Tick Tock 50X35cm For Sale

I first thought that the Mandelas were already a creative tour de force, then I saw (often lifelike!) Works of art by animals. And if that is not enough, also beautiful still lifes of old buildings.
Esther is a true artist and I admire her very much !!
Corina, zoetermeer

Luna 35x25cm Sold

Flatcoated retriever pastelpainting

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Do you want the perfect present for the pet lover in your life? I can help you with that.
I draw unique pet portratis that they will love.

Kingfischer on the Rocks 50X35 CM FOR SALE

“Passion changes everything”

Pink Cosmos 26x36 cm FOR SALE

Pink Cosmos Aquarelpainting flower

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