“Barbary Macaque Monkey” 35×50 cm Pastelpainting


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Look at this beautiful Barbary Macaque Monkey with the little sad eyes,  simply stunning on every wall.

I fell for the eyes of this Maque monkey

The rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta),  Generally brown or grey in colour, it is 47–53 cm (19–21 in) in length with a 20.7–22.9 cm (8.1–9.0 in) tail and weighs 5.3–7.7 kg (12–17 lb). It is native to SouthCentral, and Southeast Asia and has the widest geographic range of all non-human primates, occupying a great diversity of altitudes and a great variety of habitats, from grasslands to arid and forested areas, but also close to human settlements. Feral colonies are found in the United States, thought to be either released by humans or escapees after hurricanes destroyed zoo and wildlife park facilities.

The rhesus macaque is diurnal, arboreal, and terrestrial. It is mostly herbivorous, mainly eating fruit, but will also consume seeds, roots, buds, bark, and cereals. Studies show almost 100 different plant species in its diet. It will also eat invertebrates, drink water from streams and rivers, and has specialised cheek pouches where it can temporarily store food.


Pastelmat brown 50x30cm
Different brands of pastelpencils

*Original artwork
*Original signature and certificate of Authenticity
*Fits in every interior
*Great to give as a gift
*Free shipping worldwide
*Not framed

Barbarymacaquemonkey©2022Arty By Esther

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