“Isadora” Pastel painting 35x50cm


Product code: Art215

¬† Rianbow or Irazu Kolibrie with the beautiful iridescent colorful feathers straight from paradise en flying into your homeūüíĖ‚ú®


I called this drawing “Isadora” (Irazu kolibrie or rainbow kolibrie)
hummingbirds are among the smallest birds on Earth. They live on nectar that they drink from calyxes with their
long beaks. What is special about these small birds is their ability to hang still in the air, and even fly 
backwards, which no other bird can do.

They reach speeds of more than 50 kilometers per hour while their wings rise and fall up to 80 times per second.
Pastelmat brown 35x50cm
Varied brands pastel pencils
  • Handmadewithlove
  • Original Artwork
  • Original signature and certificate of authenticity
  • Fits in every interior
  • Great to give as a present
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Not framed

Isadora©2024 Arty By Esther

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